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Got a question about the Solent Sports Complex? Find the answer here

Frequently asked questions

Registering and memberships

How do I register?

You can easily register with us - head over to our Solent Gym app and click ‘Register’ to input your details to grant you access to our booking system.

What memberships are on offer?

Due to the impact of Covid-19, we have had to remove our membership offerings for the foreseeable future. All sessions will now be pay-as-you-go which you must pre-book on our Solent Gym app.

Is there a joining fee?

There is no joining fee to join the Solent Sport Complex.

What is the minimum age to join?

You must be over 16 years old to join the gym and classes.

Can I check out the facilities first?

Yes. You can book a tour of the gym using the Solent Gym app.

Why do I have to register to use the Sports Complex?

You will only be able to book gym sessions and activities if you are registered with us. We like to ensure you have read the terms and conditions and reviewed the health commitment statement. Finally, we’d like to stay in touch with you and we need your permission to do this. You can let us know when you register. 

What is the health commitment statement?

Your health is your responsibility. The management and staff of our University are dedicated to helping you take every opportunity to enjoy the facilities we offer. With this in mind, we have carefully considered what we can reasonably expect of each other and this is detailed in the health commitment statement. Read our health commitment statement for more information.

It says I’ve been sent a PIN number, but I haven’t received one?

If you are a Solent student, simply enter your Solent email address and then select ‘Forgotten PIN’ - you will be issued with a PIN number. If you do not receive a PIN number, head to reception and they can check that you're registered as a student in our system.

Can I pay by cash or card?

Once you have registered, you are welcome to buy a membership, set up a direct debit or make a PAYG booking online, or come to the Sports Complex reception to make a booking. You can pay by credit or debit card. Unfortunately we are not able to accept cash payments in the Sports Complex.

I’ve forgotten my PIN number, what do I do?

If you’ve lost your PIN number simply click the ‘Forgotten PIN’ button within the mobile app and you’ll be issued a new one.

Do you offer any concession rates?

We are pleased to offer a reduced rate to you if you are over 60 years old. Proof of your age will need to be presented to reception when you first attend. Our own alumni also qualify for this rate – see below.

I’m an alumnus/alumna of Solent University – do I qualify for a special rate?

Yes! You qualify for our concession rates, details of which can be found here. Just select the concession rate you'd like when signing-up for a public membership.

You must show your alumni ID card at reception. 
You can apply for an alumni ID card  online at:
Cards take 10 working days to be processed and delivered.

Is the Solent Sports Complex open to the wider public, or just Solent students?

The public are able to use facilities at the Solent Sports Complex around Solent University’s academic provision. The Solent Gym will available to the public from January 2022 onwards.

I’m a student at another university – can I use these facilities?

Due to the impact of Covid-19, we are currently only offering our facilities to our own students, staff and alumni.

Can I use my gym membership to access other university gyms?

We’re part of the BUCS UNIversal partnership which means that students and staff who purchase our annual peak gym membership will be able to access a network of over 50 university gyms nationwide. Please ask at reception for details.

Do I have to fill in a health questionnaire to join?

When you register you will be asked to read and accept the health commitment statement. Read our health commitment statement for more information.

Do I have to agree to any terms and conditions?

To help you get the best out of the Solent Sports Complex and to understand our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us, you must read and accept our terms and conditions, which can be found here.

The Solent Gym

Do I need an induction to use the gym?

We offer a free induction to all our gym members. However, if you are an experienced gym user, you don't have to have an induction.

I’m an experienced gym user but haven’t seen some of this equipment before!

Our friendly gym staff are always on hand – please just ask.

Can only Solent staff and students use the gym?

Yes - at this time, only Solent staff, students and alumni are able to use the gym.

The Solent Gym will available to the public from January 2022 onwards.

Are there showers and changing facilities?

Yes, every level of the Solent Sports Complex has toilets, changing rooms and showers. These will be effectively managed and cleaned by the on-site staff, however we politely ask our users to arrive prepared for their session/activity and to shower at home, where possible.

Do you supply paper towels to wipe down equipment?

Yes - there are multiple cleaning stations throughout the gym and whole Complex. We ask every member to be responsible for cleaning the equipment the have just used before moving on to the next piece.

Is there Wi-Fi available within the gym?

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Sports Complex. You can also connect your personal handheld device to our CV equipment using your own USB cable.

Is personal training available?

Personal trainers are available as an additional service to help you with your fitness goals. Please enquire with our gym staff.

Fitness classes

Are fitness classes running at the moment?

No - due to the impact of Covid-19, instructor-led fitness classes will not be running until January 2021.


Does the building have a lift?

Just like our members, the building lifts too. There are two lifts to all levels including the car park, one of which operates as the evacuation lift.

There are also two stair cores: Core A goes to/from Levels 1-5 inclusive and Core B goes to/from Levels 0 to 5 inclusive.

Does the building have accessible facilities?

Every level of the Solent Sports Complex has individual accessible changing rooms with toilets and changing places both for teams and individual use, as well as an assisted changing room and shower.

What catering is available in the Solent Sports Complex?

The building offers vending machines providing free water. If you forget your water bottle we also sell reusable bottles. 

I don’t play sport but have really enjoyed using the University’s social spaces, particularly in the Spark – can I use the Solent Sports Complex?

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Sports Complex will only be open to customers who have pre-booked a session and/or activity.

Are there lockers in the Solent Sports Complex?

Yes, there are lockers on each floor, which will be managed and cleaned by the on-site staff.

Will I have to pay for lockers?

The lockers are free to use and operate in the same way as most hotel room safes – you press 'start', enter your own four-digit PIN code and then press the 'lock' button to close the locker. You repeat exactly the same process to open the locker. The keypads will be cleaned consistently throughout the day. All lockers are set open at the end of each day. See the terms and conditions for details.

Does teaching happen in the Sports Complex?

We have dedicated gyms and seminar rooms for our students to learn in.

Is there somewhere I can get physiotherapy?

We have a dedicated sports clinic in the Complex. Please check availability on the Solent Gym app.

Have you provided any facilities for cyclists in the building?

Yes. On Level 0, there is a staff bicycle store, drying lockers and a bike maintenance area. Those who require shower facilities should simply use the numerous showering facilities within the building.

I am a member of staff who cycles to work and parks at the provided facilities. Can I use the showers and changing facilities in the Solent Sports Complex, or do I have to be a member?

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Sports Complex will only be granting access to students and staff who have pre-booked a session or activity, so you'll be required to pre-book the changing facilities on the Solent Gym app.

Can I park at the Solent Sports Complex?

Limited parking is available within the University campus. The University also operates a pay-to-park scheme on the main campus.

Please refer to the Solent University website for details.

Can't find the answer you were looking for?

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