Rig circuit


Mondays: 7.15-7.45am, 12.15-12.55pm, 5.15-5.55pm, 6-6.30pm; Tuesdays: 7.20-7.50am, 12.30-1.10pm, 5.15-5.45pm; Wednesdays: 7-7.30am, 12.15-12.55pm, 6-6.30pm; Thursdays: 7.20-7.50am, 12.15-12.55pm, 6.15-6.45pm; Fridays: 7-7.30am, 12.30-1.10pm, 5.15-5.45pm; Saturdays: 9.15-9.45am, 12-12.40pm, 6-6.40pm; Sundays: 9.45-10.15am, 4-4.40pm


40 minutes

Class size

6 people max


Solent Gym

What happens in the class?

Rig circuit is a functional based class carried out in our rig area on the gym floor. We use a range of rig accessories, such as dipping stations, cable attachments, suspension straps, battle ropes, and monkey bars to create a variety of multi-purpose training sessions.


The rig circuit is designed to improve all areas of fitness, including cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and agility.

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